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Sandcat 4


This is the fastest version of Sandcat ever.

  • Added Automatic Code Deobfuscation - The Live Headers Preview tab now automatically deobfuscates JavaScript and CSS files (useful for analyzing malware).
  • Faster startup.
  • Added support for web authentication.
  • The Chromium library was upgraded to the latest release (much faster).


This release adds context menus to the browser tab for links, images, frames and the current page (Screenshot below). The Chromium library has also been upgraded to the latest release, and we've added TorSearch to the search engine options.


This release introduces Syhunt Code Community Edition, an integrated static code analysis tool for scanning web applications for vulnerabilities, as well as the following minor enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Added an option to suspend/resume running tasks.
  • Faster preview loading.
  • Fixed: QuickInject menu option Useful Strings -> Current Date not working.
  • Changes to the extension system:
    • Fixed: Lua function app.showinputdialog() parameter order.
    • browser.newtabx() now requires a Lua table as parameter.


This release introduces QuickInject, an extensive toolkit for manual web application security assessment, and also includes a number of other enhancements:

  • Added a Tiny URL generation option to the Page Menu
  • Added right-click menu options to the Sandcat Console
  • New application icon.
  • New and redesigned toolbar icons.
  • Minor user experience improvements.

Live Headers Enhancements

  • Added error indicators (404, 500 & 503 errors).
  • New web types icons.
  • URLs are now decoded before being displayed.

Pen-Tester Tools Pack Enhancements

  • Added additional search engine options (PacketStorm, To Exploit and CanaryPW).
  • Added an "Open With User-Agent' option.
  • Added a new library (Forge) for pen-testers.


This release brings mainly minor user interface improvements and a bug fix:

  • Request Viewer now loads as a separate page (this is better for request visualization). Because of this change, the Request Editor extensions will load in the bottom bar.
  • Added a small delay to the live headers filter before it applies the filter.
  • Fixed an issue with temporary files not being deleted.


Sandcat 4 adds a large number of enhancements, new features, extensions and bug fixes, and provides a dramatically improved user experience on several fronts.

Note: This release uses considerably less resources in comparison with the beta release. It also added user interface improvements, speed improvements and new features such as the Live Headers display filter and the capture/pause button.

UI Enhancements

  • Added a Page Menu with several useful options, including:
    • Ability to save the page from the web or from the cache
    • Ability to view the cached version of a page
    • Ability to view the page images
    • Ability to authenticate or re-authenticate
    • Ability to take a screenshot of the page and save as a file
    • Multiple reload options, zoom options and more
  • Added a new Preferences screen, and the ability to export and import the settings from a file.
  • Added a Search Engine selector.
  • Drag and drop
    • Added drag and drop support for tabs.
    • Added support for drag & drop of multiple files.
  • Added a redesigned About Screen that displays more details about the Sandcat installation, including the list of installed extensions.
  • Added an option for clearing the browsing data.
  • Added a redesigned error log screen.
  • Added a redesigned toolbar.
  • Added a redesigned Source page.
  • Added several Preview Extensions that work in combination with the new Resource and Request viewer extensions.
  • Added the ability to bookmark pages and a simple Bookmarks screen.
  • Added a History screen.
  • Added support for downloads and a download management screen.
  • Improved UI responsiveness.

Live Headers Enhancements

  • Added a display filter.
  • Added a redesigned live headers bar.
  • Added a capture/pause button.
  • Added the ability to load and save all requests or individual requests to files.
  • Added a dedicated cache per tab for storing request information (Live Headers Cache).
  • Added an options screen.
  • Added a Request Viewer with a preview tab, syntax highlighting, and request replay and editing capabilities.

Console Enhancements

  • Added a Lua Console.
  • Added a JavaScript Console based on the Sandcat Console.
  • Added new commands (Use the help command to see the list of commands).

Pen-Tester Tools Pack Enhancements

  • Added a new Request Editor with request loading capabilities and an advanced options screen.
  • Added a XHR Editor extension
  • Added an improved low-level Request Editor
  • Added new extensions that run as Sandcat Tasks (isolated processes):
    • HTTP Fuzzer
    • XHR Fuzzer
    • CGI Scanner
    • HTTP Brute Force extension
  • Added a new Script Runner extension with saving capability and the ability to execute TIScript.
  • Added an URL Encoder/Decoder extension.
  • Added a Ruby Console extension.
  • Added a Cache Viewer and a Cookies Viewer utility (thanks Nir Sofer for giving permission for their use in Sandcat).
  • Added the ability to create a code editor tab.
  • Added security related search engine options.
  • Improved Tor button.

Extension System Enhancements

  • Added the ability to launch Lua-based tasks, a Task Manager and a task indicator.
  • Added several new Lua libraries and objects. This includes the Console Library, the ExtensionPack Object, the UI Objects, the Prefs Library, the Task Object, the Sandcat Object, and the Selenite libraries.
  • Added the possibility of creating custom consoles.
  • Added a Sandcat TIScript object.
  • Added the ability to associate the HTML elements of a Sandcat Extension User Interface with a Lua table.
  • Added the ability to execute Lua script tags.
  • Improved Lua libraries and objects: Browser Library, App Library and Tab Object.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Source page sometimes not displaying the proper syntax highlighting and exact source for non-HTML files.
  • Fixed: a window focus change related crash.
  • Fixed: occasional crashes when closing a tab while loading or exiting the browser.
  • Fixed: scrolling issues with the Source page.
  • Fixed: live headers sometimes not displaying the content-type.
  • Fixed: favicon sometimes not appearing.
  • Fixed: Sandcat Console unnecessarly resetting console output after visiting same domain URLs.
  • Fixed: JavaScript Sandcat.Write() function not working properly.

Additional changes

  • Configuration file format changed to JSON.
  • The following libraries were upgraded to the latest release: Chromium, OpenSSL and Sciter library.
  • The Tor application was upgraded to the latest release.
  • The Gelo library project has been discontinued and will be replaced by the new Exploit Creator extension pack.
  • The Rudra library was replaced by the new Selenite's Runik library.
  • This page covers how to migrate extensions from Sandcat version 3 to 4



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