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Browser Comparison

This comparison is outdated. We will soon publish an up-to-date one.

Feature Chrome 26 Firefox 20 Opera 12 Sandcat 4
Browser EngineWebKitGeckoPrestoWebKit
Console (JavaScript)
Console (Lua)
Console (Ruby)
Console Extensions
Developer Tools
Extension LanguageJavaScriptJavaScriptJavaScriptLua*
Extension File FormatCRX (ZIP)XPI (ZIP)OEX (ZIP)SCX (ZIP)
JavaScript EngineV8IonMonkeyCarakanV8
Live Headers
Live Headers Cache
Multi-process extensions
Multi-process tabs
Pen-Tester Tools
Preview Extensions
Source Editor
Task Launcher
UI EngineWebKitGeckoPrestoSciter***
UI LanguagesJS / HTML / CSS XUL (XML / JS / HTML / CSS) JS / HTML / CSSLua / TIS** / HTML / CSS

(*) Lua is the core programming language used to develop Sandcat extensions as well as portions of the browser itself.
(**) TIScript is the scripting engine used by Sandcat for some of its user interface operations. TIScript uses JavaScript as a base with some Python features added: classes and namespaces, properties, decorators, etc. See a JavaScript, Dart/Chrome and TIScript/Sciter comparison here
(***) Sciter is the engine used by Sandcat for rendering its user interface. Sciter (developed by Terra Informatica) supports TIScript execution and, in Sandcat, it can also execute Lua scripts and be manipulated from Lua scripts.

* Sandcat and Syhunt are registered trademarks of Syhunt Inf. Ltd. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.



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