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The Pen Tester's Browser

Lightweight, fast and extensible.

Sandcat Browser 7 brings unique features that are useful for pen-testers and web developers. Sandcat is built on top of webview2/Chromium and uses the Lua programming language to provide extensions and scripting support.


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Sandcat is targeted at penetration testers - people who test websites for security holes - but could also be useful for developers, or anyone else who would like a little more low-level control over their browsing .. This is a capable security testing and developer-oriented browser.

Although the browser is directed towards system administrators to test their own web server security and people scrutinizing pages that contain malware, privacy activists could use Sandcat to see in real time how they are being tracked on the Internet .. it can also be used to teach people how websites work .. It is much more clear than seeing a website activity using a packet sniffer full of binary numbers that have to be grouped together.

A penetration-oriented browser with plenty of advanced functionality already built in .. it’s all very easy to use: there’s something here for every level of user.

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