Migrating Extensions

From 3.0 to 4.0

  • Add a Manifest.json file to your extension package.
  • Replace the UI manipulation functions with the new methods from the Sandcat UI Zone classes.
    • This includes using the [zone].inserthtml() function in the place of the browser.addhtml_*() functions, which have been removed.
  • tab:logrequest() now requires a JSON parameter.
  • tab:refresh() was renamed to tab:reload()
  • tab:runjavascript() was renamed to tab:runjs()
  • tab:viewheaders(), tab:viewconsole() and tab:viewbottombar() must be replaced with the new properties tab.showheaders, tab.showconsole and tab.showbottombar
  • tab:clearconsole() must be replaced with console.clear()
  • browser.addcmd() must be changed to console.addcmd()
  • browser.dofile() must be replaced with the extensionpack object's dofile() method
  • browser.readfile() must be replaced with browser.getpackfile() or the extensionpack object's getfile() method
  • Gelo and Rudra library functions must be replaced with the Selenite Library functions.



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