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Sandcat 2


  • Improved Tor support. Sandcat Browser's proxy settings are now fully independent of the global (IE's) proxy settings.
  • Improved search feature (it now displays a message if no results are found).
  • Fixed: live headers being cleared when loading the Cookie extension


  • Added a new extension and bottom tab called PageInfo (Screenshot) -- allows you to view the server software and page headers, and preview objects such as external JavaScript files and images.
  • Added an SSL indicator.
  • Added a search feature in the Source tab (just hit Ctrl-F). Screenshot here.
  • Added a simple Base64 Encoder/Decoder extension.
  • Encrypted Google search is now default.
  • Faster Request Editor & Fuzzer.
  • Improved Tor support (HTTP requests from all extensions are now sent via Tor network if Tor is enabled).
  • Improved extension system (extensions are now able to create bottom tabs).
  • JavaScript Error Console available again.
  • Additional stability (Fixed a crash when closing after visiting certain web sites).
  • The Chromium library was upgraded to the latest release.
  • Fixed minor bugs (Source tab sometimes not updating; Live headers in rare cases not displaying the full URL).


Added Tor support in the Sandcat Browser (for standard browsing and for sending requests). Tor allows you to mask IP address information by spreading communications over a series of relays located throughout the world. To learn more about Tor, visit the Tor project website at


Improved Windows 7 compatibility.


Sandcat Browser version 2.0 includes several user interface and experience improvements, an improved extension system, an improved Script Runner, and new extensions.

User Interface & Experience Enhancements

  • New windows will now open in new Tabs.
  • Navigation bar now behaves like Firefox's or Opera's.
  • Improved multi-tab support.
  • Improved source tab.
  • Added a simple cookie logging extension.

Sandcat Browser Extension Development Kit

The Sandcat Browser Extension Development Kit is now available at this link. It also includes the source of all the Sandcat Browser extensions.

Improved Extension System

  • Fixed: crash when using the Run JavaScript option (when calling the sandcat.browser.log() function).
  • sandcat.browser.log() function replaced by Sandcat.WriteLn() and Sandcat.Write().

Script Runner Extension

The new Script Runner extension allows you to execute scripts in a variety of languages (this includes JavaScript, PascalScript, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby & VBScript) from within the browser.



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