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2024.05.27Syhunt Dynamic 7.0.13 enhances crawler and adds checks for GenAI-powered apps   View All News


Experts in mobile & web security

With next-generation patented assessment technology developed in-house, Syhunt established itself as a leading player in the application security field, delivering its assessment tools to a range of organizations across the globe... Learn more

Augmented Analysis

Syhunt Hybrid

Combine source code analysis and dynamic analysis and detect various vulnerabilities including XSS, file inclusion, SQL injection, command execution, inferential, in-band and out-of-band attacks. Seamlessly integrate with development tools such as GitHub, and perform DevSecOps that speeds up the development cycle without compromising security.

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Syhunt Code

Dive into your source code and locate flaws

Syhunt Dynamic

Scan your web app thoroughly for security flaws

Syhunt Mobile

Secure your Android and iOS apps before they are published

Syhunt Forensic

Investigate and prevent security breaches

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Tools like Syhunt make an application's vulnerability much simpler to detect, no longer requiring a “hacker” level skill set.

SC Magazine

It has discovered a number of SQL injections and XSS vulnerabilities we would have missed if tested by hand. more

Arthur Donkers, Security Officer


These companies embraced the bug hunting mindset, taking a proactive approach to their security.

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