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Syhunt Hybrid

Tools like Syhunt make an application's vulnerability much simpler to detect, no longer requiring a “hacker” level skill set.

SC Magazine

We liked the GUI and the simplicity of Syhunt‘s user model. We had a very positive experience working with the product‘s development team

Web Hacking Exposed

When we tried the software on an online web app, it performed quite well; it managed to detect several vulnerabilities

PCQuest Magazine

A robust, filter-evasion capable web application scanning tool. The newly added features have made this tool a must in the security side of web based application exploitation. This tool will help to identify problems before attackers can find them and exploit them.


Syhunt Insight

Log analysis is vital after a hack, and this tool makes it easier. Syhunt enables you to review your log files for potential and confirmed attacks.

Tom Canavan, CMS Security Handbook

Web Hacking Exposed

While the benefit of being able to securely configure a web server through your web application security assessment tool is obvious, we were unsure about the log analysis feature until we tired it on one of the author´s personal web servers hosting several applications live on the Internet

Web Hacking Exposed

Syhunt Sandcat

Hakin9 Magazine

Special edition of Hakin9 magazine about open source pen-testing tools, including Syhunt Sandcat and Huntpad


A penetration-oriented browser with plenty of advanced functionality already built in .. it´s all very easy to use: there’s something here for every level of user.

Sandcat is targeted at penetration testers - people who test websites for security holes - but could also be useful for developers, or anyone else who would like a little more low-level control over their browsing .. This is a capable security testing and developer-oriented browser.

PC & Tech Authority

The Sandcat Browser can replace several separate programs. Very convenient - everything is at hand and in one window. Very impressed with the ability to use Lua scripts - with them you can create amazing things and automate routine tasks without great effort.

Although the browser is directed towards system administrators to test their own web server security and people scrutinizing pages that contain malware, privacy activists could use Sandcat to see in real time how they are being tracked on the Internet .. it can also be used to teach people how websites work .. It is much more clear than seeing a website activity using a packet sniffer full of binary numbers that have to be grouped together.

Hacker 10

The Sandcat Browser is a unique browser, optimized for the Windows-platform.

Syhunt Huntpad

A curious tool that can help us in an Ethical Hacking, a test of SQL Injection, or the generation of an exploit, since it is a notepad like a Swiss Army knife to have those little tools all in one. Undoubtedly, an interesting tool that we must carry in the pentester`s backpack.