Mobile & Web Application Security Testing Tools

At Syhunt Security, we believe in delivering only the best in application security. Our cutting-edge technology, recognized as a leader across the Americas and worldwide, empowers organizations to actively hunt for vulnerabilities, stay ahead of potential threats and protect their mobile and web applications. Explore our exceptional products, designed with user experience and effectiveness in mind. Take a closer look at our offerings and select the one that aligns with your specific security requirements.

Syhunt Hybrid

Scan URL and code for flaws

Syhunt Hybrid combines comprehensive hybrid static and dynamic security scans to detect vulnerabilities like XSS, File Inclusion, SQL Injection, Command Execution and many more.

Syhunt Code

Scan web app source code files for flaws

For Web Apps: Syhunt Code enables web developers and QA testers to automatically scan any kind of web application source code for potential security vulnerabilities.

Syhunt Dynamic

Scan URLs for vulnerabilities

Syhunt Dynamic comes with a wide array of features to detect and help you fix your web application security vulnerabilities with minimal effort.

Syhunt Mobile

Scan Android & iOS mobile apps for flaws

Syhunt Mobile enables publishers, developers and QA testers to automatically scan Android and iOS mobile applications for the OWASP Mobile Top 10 and other vulnerabilities.

Hunt for Security Breaches

Syhunt Forensic

Scan logs for breach attempts

Syhunt Forensic quickly analyzes and exposes the source, the type and the methods currently being used to compromise your organization's web applications.