About Syhunt

Keeping organizations ahead of the threats

With next-generation patented assessment technology developed in-house, Syhunt established itself as a leading player in the web application security field, delivering its assessment tools to a range of organizations across the globe, from the SMB to the enterprise. Syhunt products help organizations defend against the wide range of sophisticated cyberattacks currently taking place at the Web application layer.

Key Products

As a hybrid suite of tools, Syhunt focuses on the many angles and views that can be used for evaluating the security state of a web application, such as its live version (through dynamic analysis / DAST), source code (SAST), server log (proactive forensics) and configuration (hardening).

Syhunt HybridHybrid Web Application Security Scanner (HAST)
Syhunt MobileMobile Application Code Security Scanner (MAST)
Syhunt CodeMultilanguage Web Application Code Security Scanner (SAST)
Syhunt DynamicWeb Application Security Scanner (DAST)
Syhunt BreachData Breach Hunting and Prevention Tool
Syhunt ForensicForensic Application Security Scanner (FAST)

Unparalleled detection accuracy

Syhunt tops recent benchmark charts with 100% SQL Injection and XSS detection rates, and near-100% crawling coverage.

2019 Scanner Comparison

A comparison between Syhunt products and some of its key competitors, backed by public data from the ongoing WAVSEP project and internal Syhunt tests and evaluation.

2018 Scanner Comparison

A comparison between Syhunt products and some of its key competitors, backed by public data from the ongoing 2018 WAVSEP project and internal Syhunt tests and evaluation.


An independent comparison of 63 black box web application vulnerability scanners and SAAS services, performed by the WAVSEP Project and published on February 5, 2014


A comparison of 60 commercial & open source black box web application vulnerability scanners, performed independently by the WAVSEP Project and published on July 13, 2012.



The Team

Felipe Daragon, Founder & CVO

Syhunt's founder Felipe Daragon started his career working as a security consultant for government organizations and corporations in the 90s. In the beginning of his career he worked for Modulo Security Solutions, a leading information security firm in Brazil, and developed and assisted in the development of anti-trojan technologies for government agencies in the country. Later he served as security analyst for Aladdin Knowledge Systems (now SafeNet Inc.), a leading innovator in enterprise content security.

Felipe switched from the antivirus to the web application security field in 2000, helping the Regional Electoral Tribunal of Rio de Janeiro tighten up the security of its web infrastructure during the Brazilian election. He has been employed by Syhunt, since he founded it in 2003. Currently living in Europe, and as Syhunt's Chief Visionary Officer, Felipe uses his 20 years experience to shape the web application security assessment technologies that have been adopted by a number of organizations around the world. Felipe is also the leading Threat Intelligence Analyst of Icy Team.

Roberto F. Marc, Software Researcher

Roberto Ferreira Marc studied and learned programming together with Daragon nearly 20 years ago and is driven by a passion for technology, software, hardware and mathematics. Experienced in both Linux and Windows environments, and studying Business Accounting Administration, Marc joined Syhunt both as a QA (Quality Assurance) tester and software researcher. Marc's core mission is to work together with Syhunt's R&D team to test and expand the Linux version of Syhunt, complement Syhunt's R&D activities and accelerate the company's roadmap.

Presta, Dark Web Analyst

Presta is Syhunt's first digital worker. An advanced bot created by Syhunt to automate and accelerate the analysis of surface, deep and dark web data leaks collected by Syhunt's Icy Division. Presta is able to analyze over 10.000 leaks in just 8 hours, using optical character recognition, deep learning components and pattern-based analysis and can revise in seconds a previous analysis based on new pattern knowledge. Presta is the digital brain behind the new Syhunt Icy division. Read more

In The Media

Tools like Syhunt make an application's vulnerability much simpler to detect, no longer requiring a “hacker” level skill set.

SC Magazine

We liked the GUI and the simplicity of Syhunt‘s user model. We had a very positive experience working with the product‘s development team

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