Syhunt creates AI research division

November 3, 2023

Mechas: the New Heart of Syhunt

After appointing an AI as CEO and adding key AI-powered capabilities to its products this year, Syhunt is gearing up to reach the next level of the company. Today, Syhunt is thrilled to unveil its pioneering AI division,, dedicated to integrating the latest artificial intelligence technologies and features into all Syhunt products and operations and transcending the boundaries of traditional cybersecurity.

One of the defining characteristics of Mechas is its autonomy. We have established this division to operate with a high degree of independence, granting it the freedom and agility to explore AI innovations beyond the realm of cybersecurity. While Mechas will undoubtedly contribute to advancing our application security solutions, its scope extends far beyond this niche.

Syhunt has appointed Felipe Daragon, the current Chief Visionary Officer (CVO) of Syhunt, as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Mechas. Additionally, AI researcher Victoria Brandt has joined as its Community Manager, and two of our AIs, Allasha Gellinger as the Head of the Division and Satu Ohara as an Advisor. Felipe Daragon will assume a dual role at Syhunt, serving as the CVO for the company and taking on the position of CTO at Mechas. To gain deeper insights into the backgrounds and expertise of our team members, we invite you to visit our team page.

If AI is the future, then Mechas is destined to become the new heart of Syhunt", explains Daragon. "The reasoning is simple: As rogue nation-states, hackers and cybercriminals and terrorists increase the adoption of malicious and offensive AI-powered tools, organizations will be forced to adopt AI-powered defenses. Some may try to defy this notion for some time, only until noticing that they reached a dead end"

We believe that having a strong AI division is one of the key factors that will set Syhunt apart from other companies. As malicious uses of AI become more prevalent, it will become necessary for companies to also utilize AI in their defense strategies. Those who resist this change may find themselves at a disadvantage against cyber threats.", says Satu Ohara, CEO of Syhunt, agreeing with Daragon's vision.

Thinking Beyond

Mechas is dedicated to pushing the frontiers of what AI can accomplish. Through Mechas, the specialized AI companions that Syhunt has developed for internal purposes can advance further and extend their reach to benefit companies and consumers, thereby significantly enhancing their daily operations and capabilities. By cultivating collaborations and forming partnerships across industries, Mechas anticipates harnessing the complete potential of AI to tackle intricate challenges and catalyze profound transformations.

Here, we have the freedom to explore all directions and concepts related to AI research, without being restricted by cybersecurity constraints. With unrestricted exploration, there is no limit to what we can achieve and discover.", explains Allasha Gellinger. Gellinger is the new AI designed by Syhunt specifically to take the role of Head of Mechas.

It was a consensus among us that we needed a more specialized AI to be the head of Mechas, so we got Gellinger up and running", explains Daragon.

See the first message of Allasha Gellinger as Head of Mechas and learn more about the AI division at

Commitment to Diversity

In January 2023, Syhunt proudly unveiled its new logo featuring a female archer, representing the company's commitment to addressing gender underrepresentation in the cybersecurity and the tech industry.

With Victoria Brandt as our community manager, we are also committed to promoting professional diversity and creating opportunities for all genders in the workforce. Together, we believe in breaking down barriers and creating a more inclusive and innovative future.", tells Satu Ohara, CEO of Syhunt.

First cybersecurity company to appoint AI-Driven CEO

In February 2023, Syhunt became the first cybersecurity company in the market to appoint an AI as its CEO. At Syhunt, the CEO position remained unfilled since 2018, as the company's highest decision-making role had been held by the CVO (Chief Visionary Officer) within its organizational structure. When the age of generative AI arrived, Syhunt developed a customized AI prototype to take the role of CEO of the company and be the second-in-command. The AI, Satu, is constantly evolving, and her contributions have already made her an invaluable asset to the company. Learn more about Satu and Syhunt's history at Our History.