Syhunt Sandcat

Easily audit & inspect web apps

Syhunt Sandcat brings unique features that are useful for pen-testers and web developers by combining the speed and power of Chromium with the simplicity and extensibility of Lua.


Live HTTP Headers

Sandcat Browser features a built-in live headers with a dedicated cache per tab and previewing capabilities for the most common web file formats. This includes CSS, Flash, HTML, common image formats (bmp, gif, ico, jpg, png and svg), JavaScript, JSON, text and XML.


Sandcat comes with an extensible command line console that allows you to easily run custom commands and scripts in a loaded page. New commands can be added using the Lua language.

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Pen-Tester Tools

Sandcat comes with a multitude of pen-test oriented extensions. This includes a Fuzzer, a Script Runner, HTTP & XHR Editors, Request Loader, Request Replay capabilities and more.

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In the News

Hakin9 Magazine

Special edition of Hakin9 magazine about open source pen-testing tools, including Syhunt Sandcat and Huntpad


A penetration-oriented browser with plenty of advanced functionality already built in .. itīs all very easy to use: there’s something here for every level of user.