Syhunt Forensic

Investigate and prevent security breaches

Syhunt Forensic (formerly Syhunt Insight) quickly analyzes and exposes the source, the type and the methods currently being used to compromise your organization's web applications.


Session Reconstructor

Syhunt Forensic scans the web server logs and reconstructs whole attack sessions accurately differentiating legitimate traffic from malicious ones and further differentiating automated attacks from manual ones.

Breach Investigation Tool

Syhunt Forensic instantly determines if a breach has occurred, how it occurred, and the extent of the intrusion allowing you to quickly and effectively respond to a security incident.

Automated Attacker Profiler

Syhunt Forensic exposes the attacker skills, tools and methods, by building his complete profile and hacking tool inventory.

Keep an eye on all kinds of attacks

Syhunt Forensic uses heuristic analysis of web server logs to detect a wide range of attacks, including:

SQL InjectionCWE-89
Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)CWE-79
Arbitrary File ReadingCWE-23
Buffer OverflowCWE-120
Directory TraversalCWE-22
Format String AttacksCWE-134
Server-Side Code InjectionCWE-96
Shell Code Attacks 
SSI InjectionCWE-97
Suspicious Requests 
IDS Evasion Techniques 
WAF Rejection 
Hacking Tools 

In The Media

Log analysis is vital after a hack, and this tool makes it easier. Syhunt enables you to review your log files for potential and confirmed attacks.

Tom Canavan, CMS Security Handbook

Web Hacking Exposed

While the benefit of being able to securely configure a web server through your web application security assessment tool is obvious, we were unsure about the log analysis feature until we tired it on one of the authorīs personal web servers hosting several applications live on the Internet

Web Hacking Exposed

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Syhunt Forensic runs under any modern 64-bit Linux or Windows version, including Windows 10 and 11 (Specs)