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Syhunt Community

A feature-limited edition of the Syhunt scanner suite. Includes: Sandcat Pen-Tester Edition, Syhunt Hybrid, Dynamic, Code and IcyDark extensions.


Syhunt Community CLI

The Syhunt scanner suite in the form of console applications. Includes: Syhunt Hybrid, Dynamic, Code, IcyDark and Insight console apps.


Sandcat 6.0 RC2

An open-source, pentest and developer-oriented web browser, using the power of Lua. more

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Huntpad 2.0

An open-source notepad with features that are particularly useful to penetration testers. more

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More Open Source Tools

Special edition of Hakin9 magazine about open source pen-testing tools, including Syhunt Sandcat and Huntpad


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Web Application Security Scanner Comparisons

Comparisons between Syhunt and other industry leading web application security scanners.


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Get in-depth information about vulnerabilities discovered by the Syhunt team.

Latest Vulnerability & Security Research

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COMB: The Big Password Leak

Through our expert analysis, we highlight details of the compilation of leaks that exposed billions of passwords in February, 2021.

The Big Brazil Data Leak

Through our expert analysis and participation in a series of articles in the media, we helped highlight the dimension of the mega leak that exposed data from almost all Brazilians in January, 2021.

NoSQL & SSJS Injection

Detecting server-side JavaScript (SSJS) injection vulnerabilities using time-based techniques.

Lua Web Vulnerabilities

Auditing and Defending Lua-Based Web Applications.

Encryption Tools Comparison

This comparison by Syhunt can help you select the right encryption tool for personal, corporate or government use.