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Syhunt Community 6.5

A feature-limited edition of the Syhunt scanner suite. Includes: Sandcat Pen-Tester Edition, Syhunt Hybrid, Dynamic, Code and Insight extensions.


Syhunt ScanTools 6.5

The Syhunt scanner suite in the form of console applications. Includes: Syhunt Hybrid, Dynamic, Code, Insight and Harden console apps.


Sandcat 6.0 RC2

An open-source, pentest and developer-oriented web browser, using the power of Lua. more

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Huntpad 1.02

An open-source notepad with features that are particularly useful to penetration testers. more

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More Open Source Tools

Special edition of Hakin9 magazine about open source pen-testing tools, including Syhunt Sandcat and Huntpad


Other Tools

Syhunt Harden

Included as part of Syhunt ScanTools & Community

Enhance your web application security at the web server configuration level.

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Here you can find the straightforward information and instructions you need to get your web applications secure.


Get in-depth information about vulnerabilities discovered by the Syhunt team.


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Latest Vulnerability Research

Read our latest vulnerability research information:

NoSQL & SSJS Injection

Detecting server-side JavaScript (SSJS) injection vulnerabilities using time-based techniques.

Lua Web Vulnerabilities

Auditing and Defending Lua-Based Web Applications.