Migration Notes

Migrating to Syhunt 7.0

On Windows Server, it is important to ensure that you have the WebView2 Runtime installed. If the WebView2 Runtime is not installed, Syhunt will issue a warning when launching its user interface. You can find it in the Evergreen Standalone Installer.

Migrating to Syhunt

This update brings an important change to site preferences in Syhunt Dynamic: Different Start URL paths for the same domain can now have their own preferences. This means, for example, that https://mydomain/, https://mydomain/admin/ and https://mydomain/members/ are now considered different start URLs having their own site preferences.

This change applies to site preferences configured when starting an on-demand scan, scheduled scans, dynamic target screen and any site preferences entered through the scancore CLI tool.

Users are advised to review their existing site preferences - if a start URL is non-root and contains a path, its preferences will be shown as default and manual action from the user will be needed to re-create any previously existing preferences such as credentials, crawling restrictions and so on.

Migrating to Syhunt 6.9.9

On Linux, it is recommended this time to manually download and install the Hybrid update instead of using the scanupdate command.

After migrating, make sure your scheduled or pipeline source code scans of GIT repositories are pointing to the right branch. The previous Syhunt releases assigned master as the default target branch, but Syhunt 6.9.9 assigns an empty branch name and lets the git client figure out the default branch of the target repository, unless you assign the target branch manually.

Make sure as well that the new Internet connection requirements are met.

Migrating to Syhunt 6.9.7 or up

On Windows, Syhunt stores by default user data in the %AppData%\Local\Syhunt directory until version 6.9.6. Due to recent design and architecture improvements, Syhunt 6.9.7 now stores data in the %ProgramData%\Syhunt directory.

Before installing Syhunt 6.9.7 or superior, please use the below steps to export the Syhunt preferences, and just then upgrade Syhunt and import the preferences you just exported:

  1. Launch Syhunt Hybrid 6.9.6 (or older version)
  2. Click the Menu -> Import & Export -> Export Preferences option
  3. Save your preference backup file with an easy to remember name and desired location.
  4. Now you are ready to install Syhunt version 6.9.7
  5. Finally, after installing Syhunt 6.9.7, import your preferences again through the Menu -> Import & Export -> Import Preferences option. Select the Preference backup file and click the Open button.
  6. All the settings from the earlier installation should now be imported and active, including any previously scheduled scans.

(Optional) Migrating the session history and output

  • If you would like to have the past sessions archive from the earlier installation, just move the files and directories from %AppData%\Local\Syhunt\Sessions to %ProgramData%\Syhunt\Sessions and past sessions from the earlier installation will become available again in the Past Sessions screen.
  • If needed, %AppData%\Local\Syhunt\Output can also be moved to %ProgramData%\Syhunt\Output
  • All other remaining directories in %AppData%\Local\Syhunt\ are temporary data diretories and can be safely deleted.

Forced AppData Mode

On Windows, if have Syhunt version or up, and you prefer using AppData instead of ProgramData you can force the use of the local application data directory by creating an empty file named LocalAppData.json in the default Syhunt location - see CLI documentation for a list of default Syhunt locations. Please note that some key features, such as the Scan Scheduler, will not work if you enable this mode.