Syhunt appoints European Distributor

March 14, 2024

Syhunt appoints Cyberjump as a European Distributor

Syhunt, a leading application security solutions provider, has appointed Cyberjump Commerce and Distribution ( as its distributor in Portugal and Spain. The agreement facilitates a partnership between Jump2, the American distributor for Syhunt, and Cyberjump. It also opens avenues for extending distribution to additional countries within the European Union (EU). Such an expansion is pivotal, as it establishes Cyberjump as a principal distributor of strategic significance in the European market.

Syhunt's suite of application security solutions is renowned for its comprehensive approach to identifying vulnerabilities and proactively defending against cyber threats. With a focus on vulnerability assessment technologies such as dynamic, static and mobile application security testing (DAST, SAST and MAST), Syhunt empowers organizations to safeguard their application ecosystems effectively. These leading-edge products have been instrumental in securing the operations of businesses worldwide, making Syhunt a trusted name in the field of cybersecurity.

Syhunt has a history and proven track record, and Cyberjump's goal is to increase its penetration by making this fantastic technology available in new markets." said Pedro de Canto e Castro, Managing Partner of Cyberjump. "For Cyberjump, there could be no better partnership to start its activities in Europe".

Established in 2024 by seasoned cybersecurity experts and headquartered in Oeiras, Greater Lisbon subregion, in Taguspark, Cyberjump leverages the partner network established by Jump2, which consists of over 30 specialized partners across Latin America and the USA. Now, Cyberjump is poised to extend this network to Europe and other parts of the world, aiming to tap into new markets. Its ambition extends beyond Syhunt, encompassing emerging cybersecurity and generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) solutions.

Before establishing Cyberjump, Pedro de Canto e Castro held the position of Regional Sales Director at SecurityScorecard and served as both Chief Security Officer (CSO) and Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) in a number of technology enterprises. His extensive background now converges with the skills of two distinguished professionals, both with 25 years of experience in cybersecurity: Paulo Roberto dos Santos, founder of Jump2, and co-founder of Cyberjump, along with Felipe Daragon. Daragon, an expert in cybersecurity and a generative AI researcher, founder of Mechas.AI and Syhunt, also comes on board as a co-founder of Cyberjump and a senior advisor.

Over the course of the four-year partnership between Syhunt and Jump2 for the distribution of its solutions across the Americas, I have consistently witnessed the unwavering commitment, effort, and exceptional dedication of the entire Syhunt team. This is in addition to their unparalleled attention to customer needs. I'm confident that this standard of excellence will now be extended to new clients in Europe, thanks to our collaboration with Cyberjump", said Paulo Roberto, Managing Partner and co-founder of Cyberjump in Portugal and founder of Jump2 in Brazil.

At CyberJump, our goal is to venture into new markets with Syhunt, a company that I proudly founded and became a prominent innovative player in the application security arena. Beyond promoting Syhunt's offerings, we are also keen on integrating and introducing innovative cybersecurity and generative AI solutions from other providers. Given my proficiency in both the cybersecurity and generative AI domains, this opportunity was one I simply could not decline. I'm excited to co-found this company and also serve as its senior advisor", stated Felipe Daragon.

In a world of ever-evolving threats, Syhunt stands as a guardian of digital frontiers, now spreading its protection across the European landscape with Cyberjump. Together, we will fortify even more the foundations of application security, one partnership at a time. To create the future, we must embrace the present and shape the path ahead. Syhunt, alongside Cyberjump, paves the way for innovation not only in cybersecurity but AI solutions, bridging continents and pushing boundaries towards a safer digital landscape.", says Allasha Gellinger, the AI CEO of Syhunt.

Organizations interested in learning more about Syhunt solutions can reach Cyberjump through its website

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