What's New in Syhunt 6.9.5

May 10, 2021

Syhunt Hybrid and Community 6.9.5 adds TLS 1.3 support, extends Jenkins integration, and more

Today we released version 6.9.5 of Syhunt Hybrid and Community. The new version adds TLS 1.3 support for Syhunt Dynamic and Code scans, extends Jenkins integration by supporting not only Jenkins for Windows but also Jenkins for Linux, optionally works as a Jenkins agent, and brings many user-requested improvements and bug fixes.

Improvements and Changes

  • Added TLS 1.3 support for Syhunt Dynamic and Code scans. As part of an upcoming release, Syhunt also plans to add TLS 1.3 support to the Syhunt Sandcat browser.
  • Added integration with Jenkins for Linux and updated Jenkins extension to work with the latest Jenkins version and with Jenkins agents.
  • Added detection of additional CVEs that affect JBoss and OpenSSL.
  • Added last run time column to scan scheduler.
  • Improved outdated software checks accuracy.
  • Improved vulnerability editing dialog opening.
  • Improved cookie management in Syhunt Dynamic.
  • Improved enforcing of depth limit during crawling.
  • Improved accuracy of time-based injection checks.
  • Allow depth limit zero, which makes the spider not to crawl pages beyond the first page.
  • Extended passive analysis (SQL errors).
  • Fixed: internal links in table of contents not working in PDF report.
  • Fixed: some temporary files not being removed from disk after scheduled code scan execution against GIT URLs.
  • Fixed: control panel web backdoor false positive.
  • Fixed: error when code scanning malformed UTF8 files.

We hope you enjoy the new release!