Our COVID Response

March 25, 2020 Present

The COVID-19 outbreak poses unprecedented challenges to businesses, governments, and societies around the world. After enabling mandatory work-from-home for all its personnel and taking all necessary steps to maintain service to its customers, Syhunt is now closely monitoring the global situation and ready to help businesses and organizations during this challenging period.

Syhunt understands that we must all join forces to fight COVID-19. For this reason, effective immediately, together with its partners, Syhunt is taking action to support and help entities and businesses secure their changing web infrastructure and applications during the outbreak with the increased online demand and transition to home work. This includes organizations involved in the COVID-19 response, such as vital coronavirus tracking websites, federal agencies under the U.S. Health and Human Services and many other entities and organizations around the world which have been hit by web attacks over the last days[1] [2]. Our initial response includes:

Free Access to Syhunt

As part of its COVID-19 response, Syhunt will offer free access to ALL its web and mobile application security software during the COVID-19 pandemic to:

  • Organizations engaged in the COVID-19 response: 90-day free access to any entities and organizations engaged in the COVID-19 response, such as national public health institutes, departments of health from the United States, European Union, Latin America, Asia and beyond, federal agencies under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, press organizations, humanitarian organizations, agencies of the United Nations, universities involved in coronavirus research and tracking, websites providing real-time statistics and coronavirus news tracking and organizations involved in distributed computing efforts to tackle the virus.
  • Essential businesses or services: 60-day free access to essential businesses such as hospitals, supermarkets, food ordering and delivering platforms, banks, primary care clinics, pharmacies, medical laboratories, care facilities currently hardening or expanding their web and mobile presence due to increased demand amid the pandemic.
  • Other businesses: 20- or 45-day free access (depending on the product) to ecommerce companies seeking to harden their rapidly changing web sites and applications due to increased demand, as well as businesses expanding their web and mobile presence amid the pandemic.

Syhunt will offer a single or wildcard license depending on the needs of the organization with no obligation to buy. After the license expires, the organization can purchase Syhunt (check below if you are eligible for a discounted subscription) or switch to the free Community Edition of Syhunt.

Please note that we may update these rules as the situation on COVID-19 unfolds. Organizations involved in the COVID-19 response only: If circumstances warrant doing so, Syhunt will extend the term of your license beyond the 90-day period.

Quick Training & Discounted Subcriptions

Syhunt will offer discounted subscriptions and quick online training on its application security testing software during and after the COVID-19 fight for those who most need support at this time, such as:

  • Organizations involved in the COVID-19 response, such as the ones we listed above.
  • Businesses and organizations in emerging markets impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic such as Brazil and India through its regional partners, as well as organizations in coronavirus hotspots such as Italy and Spain.
  • Businesses in industries heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, such as transportation, hospitality, travel and airlines companies.
  • Government agencies, SMBs and startups moving to in-home work, setting up or expanding their web and mobile presence to adapt to the post COVID-19 environment.

Questions? Reach us through our contact page.