The information in this document applies to version 6.9.13 of Syhunt Breach.

The Breach Score

The Syhunt Breach Score is a score of an Internet domain based on publicly available Internet information about its privacy and security track record which is dynamically calculated by the Syhunt Breach software at the end of a Dark Web Scan Plus check. The Breach Score varies from Very Poor to Excellent and takes into account various information from the last 5 up to 15 years.

Today the Breach Score covers over 58 million domains from all over the globe, including regional domains from North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania, and international domains.

Using the Community version, you can get an idea of what kind of information is being taken into account by Syhunt Breach to calculate the score of your domain or domains. By obtaining a trial copy of the full-featured Syhunt, you can also view the current score of your domain or domains together with limited information about any identified leaks or breaches.

When calculating a score of any domain, the following kind of public information is taken into account by Syhunt Breach:

  • Exposed information by ransomware group sites on the dark web
  • Exposed information by hackers through hacking forums and online communities
  • Information about data leaks on the surface web
  • Information on past security incidents (such as defacements and etc.) on the surface web

Score Comparison Feature

The professional version of Syhunt Breach allows an user to compare the score of a domain with other subsidiaries of the same company and with third-parties such as partners of an organization.

How to assign domains for comparison

The Domain preferences screen allows you to assign domains for comparison. If before starting a scan you checked Edit domain preferences before starting scan, the Domain Preferences screen will open.

Under Extended Analysis, click the Domains button. You can now enter one or more domains.


The Syhunt Breach Score is provided “AS IS” and without warranties of any kind either express or implied. For more details, please read the Syhunt EULA.

Due to active targeting by hostile foreign actors, access to the scores of .mil and .gov domains specifically have been restricted to American military and government personnel and require a special license. Country specific .mil and .gov domains also require a special license to calculate and view their scores and detailed leak information.

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