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Syhunt as Alternative to Snyk

This document compares key functionality and scan capabilities of two industry-leading products: Syhunt Hybrid and Snyk Code. The comparison is of particular interest for those undecided between the two products and for those seeking for an alternative to Snyk.


Both Syhunt and Snyk are industry-leading application security companies. Syhunt is a pioneer application security provider founded in 2003 while Snyk was founded in 2015. Since 2008, Syhunt offers DAST and SAST capabilities (Syhunt Code), which has been expanding heavily since then, and in 2019, added MAST capabilities (Syhunt Mobile). Syhunt's OAST capabilities (Syhunt Signal), unveiled in 2020, integrate with Syhunt's SAST capabilities to provide hybrid-augmented security analysis. Snyk in comparison is known for its SCA (Software Composition Analysis) capabilities (known as Snyk Open Source) and added cloud-based, AI-powered SAST capabilities at the end of 2020 (known as Snyk Code).


The table below offers a closer look at the different testing methodologies and features of Syhunt Hybrid and Snyk Code and why Syhunt can best suit the application security needs of an organization.

FeatureSyhunt Hybrid Platinum PlusSnyk BusinessSnyk Enterprise
DeliveryOn-PremisesCloud-BasedCloud-Based with Self-Hosted Option
Source Code ScanningSelf-Managed and CloudCloud OnlySelf-Managed and Cloud
Unlimited Code Scanning
White-Box Vulnerability Testing SAST, MAST & FAST SAST, SCA SAST, SCA
Black-Box Vulnerability Testing DAST & OAST (Syhunt Signal)
Augmented Vulnerability Testing HAST (Hybrid-Augmented Analysis)Snyk Code AISnyk Code AI
Language Support for SASTPHP, ASP, ASP.NET, Java, Node.js, Lua, Perl, Python, Ruby & TypeScript
Swift, Objective-C, C & C++ (Mobile)
Java, JavaScript, TypeScript & Python
Additional languages for SCA analysis
Java, JavaScript, TypeScript & Python
Additional languages for SCA analysis
MEAN Stack CoverageMongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js
Detect Mobile Vulnerabilities iOS & Android
SCA License Compliance Testing
Priority Scoring CVSS3 & CVSS2 scoring Snyk's Priority Scoring Snyk's Priority Scoring
Compliance Reports PCI-DSS, CWE/SANS, WASC, and more
Cloud Source Code Scanning (GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, Azure DevOps Services, etc)
Self-Managed Source Code Scanning (GitHub Enterprise, GitLab Enterprise, Azure DevOps Server, etc)
IDE Plugins (VS Code, Visual Studio, Eclipse, etc)
See results as you code
Jira Integration
Continuous Integration GitLab & Jenkins Jenkins Jenkins
WAF Virtual Patching Big IP ASM, Imperva, ModSecurity, XML Export


Software Composition Analysis (SCA) is a methodology that detects vulnerabilities in open-source components and license compliance issues in projects.