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Syhunt Breach

Monitor and sageguard against third-party risk exposures in dark web spheres

Syhunt Breach enables users to conduct in-depth scored analysis of breaches affecting domains and forensic analysis of logs (FAST).

Enhanced by Syhunt's innovative AI technology, Presta, and complemented by expert human intelligence efforts, the Dark Web Exposure Testing (DWET) feature of Syhunt Breach provides global coverage. In 2024, the product shifted to a more strategic, third-party risk-oriented approach, allowing for a thorough evaluation of external threats.

This tool is designed not to offer direct access to specific breach contents like leaked passwords or files. Instead, it focuses on dynamically analyzing and mapping third-party risk. Additionally, Syhunt Breach maintains its capability of on-premise operation, ensuring versatile deployment across Windows and Linux platforms.

Syhunt Breach in Numbers


Domains With Leaks Detected    58 million+

Est. Total Size of Leaked Files    150 terabytes+

Est. Total of Leaked Passwords on the Dark Web    40 billion+

Know Our Features


Surface-To-Dark Web Coverage

Syhunt Breach covers the surface, deep and dark layers of the web, and leaks related to over 58 million domains from all over the globe, including regional domains from North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania, and international domains.


The Syhunt Breach solution is powered by Presta, an artificial intelligence-enabled leak detection system created by Syhunt's Icy division. The digital brain behind the Icy's daily (and nightly) operations, Presta is able to analyze massive quantities of data leaks.

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Breach Score

Immediately get and compare the breach score of your Internet domains based on their data breach track record.

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Console Utilities

Syhunt's console utilities and PowerShell extension can be integrated in a variety of environments through the use of scripts.

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Syhunt Breach runs under any modern 64-bit Linux or Windows version, including Windows 10 and 11 (Specs)