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October 1, 2016

Syhunt releases console web vulnerability scan tools - We're happy to release the new generation of Syhunt console-based scan tools, which we simply call ScanTools. The first release of Syhunt ScanTools comes with four console applications - ScanURL, ScanCode, ScanLog and ScanConf, incorporating the functionality of Syhunt Hybrid/Dynamic, Syhunt Code, Syhunt Insight and Syhunt Harden respectively. Whether you want to scan a live web application, source code files, web server logs or configuration files for vulnerabilities, weaknesses and more, Syhunt ScanTools can help you start the task with a single line command. Syhunt ScanTools is available for download as a freeware portable package or as part of Syhunt Community. Get it now at http://www.syhunt.com/en/?n=Tools.Download

June 3, 2016

Syhunt releases Insight tool, expands web backdoor detection - We're pleased to announce the immediate availability of our newest tool Syhunt Insight together with version 5.4 of the Syhunt Community and Hybrid software suites and a new release of the Sandcat browser.

Syhunt Insight is a proactive forensics/detection tool for application-level attacks and comes to complement our hybrid web application security assessment suite, allowing organizations not only to detect web application vulnerabilities, but to investigate and prevent security breaches through additional lens. Syhunt Insight brings a lightweight but powerful web server log analysis engine at its core, and is able to automatically build the profile of attackers during log scans, determine if a breach occurred, expose IP geolocation, inventory and environment information of attackers, and, if necessary, reconstruct sessions from the beginning aiming at a specific source.

In addition to this release, the latest round of changes in components include the following relevant enhancements:

  • Syhunt Dynamic 5.4, with now over 300 web backdoor checks, along with UX enhancements, faster scans and improved support for ASP.NET and JSP-based web applications.
  • Sandcat Browser 5.2, with stability, UX and Lua API enhancements. Full ChangeLog