Welcome to Syhunt

Welcome to the latest version of Syhunt. Syhunt takes pride in leading the mobile and web application security field and as such would like to ensure you the best experience in working with us. Our mission is to enable you to best use Syhunt tools so your organization can fast track the path to increased application security and compliance by finding and fixing vulnerabilities and weaknesses before they make it to production.

Start by following the initial steps below and then read the information included further on.

Initial Steps

1. Activate Your License

Activate your license if you've not done so already to start using the Syhunt tools. Click the executable setup download link provided by Syhunt or your Syhunt Authorized Partner. After downloading the exe file, double-click its icon to launch it. It's an easy next-next-finish installation process. When you click Finish, Syhunt will be launched and you will be prompted to enter a Product Key File - enter the one attached to the email message containing the download link. After you click OK, a success message indicates that the Syhunt is ready for use and you should immediately see the Launcher screen.

In case it doesn't ask for the key, it means you've a yet active license you must replace. To replace the license, use the menu option shown in this picture.

2. Subscribe for Notifications

Subscribe to our Customer Newsletter if you've not done so already to receive e-mail notifications when product updates and enhancements are available for you. You can download and install the updates directly from the Syhunt website. If you have Syhunt version 6.8.4 or higher, Syhunt will also notify you about new releases both in its Launcher interface and reports.

Subscribe Here

3. Follow the POC Test Plan

We highly recommend that you follow Syhunt's POC Test Plan if you've not done so already. The testing involves performing scans under various conditions to simulate actual usage of the tools. Upon completion, you should be familiar with key product functionality and integration details.

View Test Plan (HTML) View Test Plan (PDF)

4. Read the Quick Start Guides

We highly recommend that you and your technical staff devote the required time to read Syhunt's Quick Start Guides and other documents available at the Syhunt Support area and familiarize yourself with the tools and features your organization intend to use. Most of our guides are available in both PDF and HTML formats.

Read the Docs

Getting Help and More

The quickest and easiest way to get resolution to your questions or problems is to use one of the many resources available at the Syhunt Support area. If you have a question or are experiencing an issue, we recommend you to open a support ticket. For a quicker resolution, when reporting a false positive or other issue, please follow Syhunt's bug report guidelines.

Requesting Features

Get involved in our product roadmap by requesting features. You can always send us feature and improvement requests to our product management team for review by opening a support ticket.

Viewing & Extending Your License

Syhunt or your Syhunt Authorized Partner will proactively contact you approximately 90 days prior to your license end date so you can extend your license or renew your support coverage. In addition to this, if you have Syhunt version 6.7.1 or superior installed, the main user interface of Syhunt will remind you approximately 60 days prior to your license end date. If you have any questions about this process, additional or future requirements, please contact Syhunt or your Syhunt Authorized Partner.

At any moment, you can view your license term and details by clicking the View License Information menu option, as highlighted in this picture.


Training may be available in your region and language upon request from your Syhunt Authorized Partner. Contact your Syhunt Authorized Partner directly to check service availability, fees and schedule.

That's all for now! For any additional information, feel free to reach us