Stealth ISS

Success Stories

Stealth - ISS is an IT security solutions provider and integrator offering a variety of security services world-wide. Stealth - ISS is top 4% in the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing US Companies for 2018. They actively use Syhunt Hybrid for performing web application security testing.
CountryUnited States

Why Syhunt

We have used Syhunt for years because it's been the best web app security assessment tool out there. Rapidly updated to cover new vulnerabilities as they arise and very easy to use

Robert Davies, CEO, Stealth-ISS

We use a numbers of different security tools and techniques, including commercially available software and open sources tools. The major tools that are being used are eEye, ISS and Syhunt products as well as other products that meet the latest technology and security standards and have been approved by governmental institutions. Using a combination of these tools and techniques we are able to identify known security problems in our customerīs networks.