Hello World

How to make a simple hello world extension

  • Create a folder somewhere on your system to contain your extension's files.
  • Inside the folder, create Manifest.json with the following content:

 "name": "Hello World Extension",
 "version": "1.0",
 "author": "Me",
 "script": {
  "filename": "hello.lua",
  "init": "Hello:register()",

  • Create a Lua script called hello.lua with the following content:

Hello = {}

function Hello:showmsg()
 app.showmessage('Hello World!')

function Hello:register() -- will be called during startup
 local html = [[
 style="foreground-image: url(Hello.scx#world.png);"
  • Save this icon as world.png in the same folder:
  • Zip the files and change the extension to .scx.
    • The zip file can be called Hello.scx.
  • Copy the Hello.scx file to the Packs\Extensions folder, which is located in the root of the Sandcat Browser folder.
  • Launch the Sandcat Browser and look at the navigation bar, you should see the globe icon:

Done! Now try clicking on it.

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