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Here you will find the information and direct instructions you need to protect your web applications or against recent mega data leaks..

Latest Alerts

Read our latest vulnerability and data leak research information:

2022 Ransomware Threat Report

This report by Syhunt uncovers numbers about the ransomware groups and lists how corporations can defend themselves from this growing threat.

New RCE Vulnerability in Log4J

Our alert about CVE-2021-44832, a new RCE vulnerability in Log4J, which has been confirmed by Apache.

Archived Alerts

Data Leak Alerts

Read our latest alerts on mega-leaks that occurred throughout the year 2021.

COMB: The Big Password Leak

Through our expert analysis, we highlight details of the compilation of leaks that exposed billions of passwords in February, 2021.

The Big Brazil Data Leak

Through our expert analysis and participation in a series of articles in the media, we helped highlight the dimension of the mega leak that exposed data from almost all Brazilians in January, 2021.

Vulnerability Alerts

Get detailed information about vulnerabilities that were discovered by the Syhunt team.

NoSQL & SSJS Injection

Detecting server-side JavaScript (SSJS) injection vulnerabilities using time-based techniques.

Lua Web Vulnerabilities

Auditing and Defending Lua-Based Web Applications.

Tools Comparison

Web Application Security Scanner Comparisons

Comparisons between Syhunt and other industry leading web application security scanners.

Encryption Tools Comparison

This comparison by Syhunt can help you select the right encryption tool for personal, corporate or government use.