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Syhunt Specs

The information in this document applies to version 6.8.1 of Syhunt Hybrid.

System Requirements

Syhunt Hybrid, Dynamic, Code and Mobile

  1. 4GB of available RAM (8GB recommended)
  2. 1GB of free disk space*
  3. Internet connection (recommended for code scans and dynamic scans and some features)
  4. Windows 7, 8 or 10
  5. Internet Explorer 11 or higher
  6. GIT for Windows (optional for GIT repository scans)
  7. Java 8 or higher (optional for Android APK file scan)

* This does not include the space required to save scan session data, which varies depending on the target website or code base size.

If you use a personal firewall, you'll just have to let the firewall know that Syhunt Dynamic is authorized to make connections to the Internet. However, some software firewalls do not handle high loads very well. It is not recommended to run both a personal firewall and Syhunt on the same machine.