Ertech Systems

Success Stories

Ertech Systems is a Brazilian company specialized in consulting, development of information security solutions and tech support services for Windows, Unix, Linux and Mac platforms. They actively use Syhunt Hybrid for performing web application security testing and Syhunt Insight for reviewing web server logs.

Why Syhunt

As an information security professional, I'm always testing out new products to automate daily repetitive and otherwise time consuming manual tasks, and when performing web application security assessments, there is nothing more intuitive, efficient and flexible than Syhunt.

With an objective approach, Syhunt has been able to identify a wide variety of threats, such as web server configuration weaknesses, susceptibility to denial-of-service attacks, and ranging to many serious application vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection and Cross Site Scripting (XSS).

In my experience, Syhunt has proven its effectiveness to simulate numerous attack scenarios. It is a great product with an exceptional support team, which I recommend to organizations of any size.

Renato Andalik, Security Expert and CSO, Ertech Systems