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Syhunt Breach: Breach Hunting & Prevention
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Syhunt Hybrid for macOS (DAST, OAST & SAST)
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With Azure, GitHub, GitLab, Jenkins, JIRA, TFS, WAFs, PowerShell...

Hybrid Web Application Security Scanner (DAST, OAST & SAST)
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Mobile Application Security Scanner

What's New - Download - Buy - v6.9.21.3

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Experts in mobile & web security

With next-generation patented assessment technology developed in-house, Syhunt established itself as a leading player in the application security field, delivering its assessment tools to a range of organizations across the globe...

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Tools like Syhunt make an application's vulnerability much simpler to detect, no longer requiring a “hacker” level skill set.

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It has discovered a number of SQL injections and XSS vulnerabilities we would have missed if tested by hand. more

Arthur Donkers, Security Officer

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