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Become a Partner

Become our partner in Latin America or North America - Together with the Jump2 company, Syhunt is building a strong partner network with expertise in Information Security that enables us to distribute our application security assessment software and provide Syhunt's cutting-edge technology to its customer base. With increased global demand for its mobile and web application security scanner, Syhunt is currently looking for partners in Latin America and North America and consolidated markets such as USA, Canada and Brazil.

We're pleased to have leading partners in different countries committed to keeping organizations safe from a variety of threats. Learn more and get in touch by filling out the contact form at the end of the page linked below.

Become our partner in Portugal - Syhunt is also looking for a sales partner in Lisbon or other major regional city with expertise in Information Security who would help Syhunt generate leads and target customers in the Portugal market and possibly new markets around Europe. If you have in-depth knowledge about the Portuguese market and interest in partnering with us, get in touch by filling out the contact form at the page linked below.