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Syhunt IcyDΛrk

Identify your corporate leaks on the dark web

Syhunt IcyDark uncovers data leaks on the surface, deep and dark layers of the web that affect your organization, including file and credential exposures, and allows you to learn the privacy and security score of your Internet domains based on their track record.

Covering domains from all over the globe, Syhunt's Dark Web Exposure Testing (DWET) capabilities are powered by a database generated by our AI software Presta combined with human intelligence work. Syhunt IcyDark is also a dark web monitoring solution that can optionally run entirely on-premise through an unique offline mode. Available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

58 million+10 petabytes+15 billion+
Domains With Leaks Detected by IcyDarkEst. Total Size of Leaked Files on the Dark WebEst. Total of Leaked Passwords

Surface-To-Dark Web Coverage

Syhunt IcyDark covers the surface, deep and dark layers of the web, and leaks related to over 58 million domains from all over the globe, including regional domains from North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania, and international domains.


The IcyDark solution is powered by Presta, an artificial intelligence-enabled leak detection system created by Syhunt's Icy division. The digital brain behind the Icy's daily (and nightly) operations, Presta is able to analyze massive quantities of data leaks.

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Immediately get and compare the score of your Internet domains based on their privacy and security track record.

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Console Utilities

Syhunt's console utilities and PowerShell extension can be integrated in a variety of environments through the use of scripts.

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Syhunt IcyDark runs under any modern 64-bit Linux, macOS or Windows version from Windows 7 through 11 (Specs)