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Syhunt as Alternative to Burp

This document compares key functionality and scan capabilities of two industry-leading products: the Syhunt Hybrid suite and Burp Suite. The comparison is of particular interest for those undecided between the two products and for those seeking for an alternative to Burp.


Both Syhunt and PortSwigger are pioneer industry-leading web application security competing companies. The development of both products began almost at the same year (2003). In 2008, Syhunt went beyond the DAST market and added its first SAST capabilities (Syhunt Code), which has been expanding heavily since then, and in 2019, added MAST capabilities (Syhunt Mobile). Burp in comparison added OAST capabilities (known as Burp Collaborator) in 2015 and IAST capabilities in 2016 (Burp Infiltrator). Syhunt's DAST and OAST capabilities (Syhunt Signal), unveiled in 2020, integrate with Syhunt's SAST capabilities to provide hybrid-augmented security analysis.


The table below offers a closer look at the different testing methodologies and features of Syhunt Hybrid and Burp and why Syhunt can best suit the application security needs of an organization.

FeatureSyhunt Hybrid Platinum PlusBurp Suite ProfessionalBurp Suite Enterprise
Unlimited Target Assign/Re-assign
Concurrent ScansRestricted to 5 scans (Starter)
Number of Vulnerability Categories Covered100+100+100+
Detect Mobile Vulnerabilities iOS & Android
Gray-Box Vulnerability Testing HAST of Multiple Languages HAST of JS & IAST (Infiltrator)HAST of JS & IAST (Infiltrator)
Gray-Box Vulnerability Testing Language SupportPHP, ASP, ASP.NET, JS, Java, Node.js, Lua, Perl, Python & RubyJS, Java, Groovy, Scala & ASP.NETJS, Java, Groovy, Scala & ASP.NET
Black-Box Vulnerability Testing DAST & OAST (Syhunt Signal) DAST & OAST (Collaborator) DAST & OAST (Collaborator)
White-Box Vulnerability Testing SAST, MAST & FAST
Integration Features
DashboardIntegrates with DefectDojo, Jenkins & GitLab dashboardsBuilt-In Dashboard
Integration APIs CLI, Powershell, REST API & Lua API CLI REST & GraphQL API
CI/CD Platform Integration Azure DevOps, GitHub, GitLab & Jenkins Jenkins & TeamCity
Issue Tracker Integration Jira, GitLab & GitHub Jira, GitLab & Trello
Version Control Azure DevOps, TFS & GIT
Scanning Features
Point and click scanning
Scheduled/Recurring Scans
Out-of-the-box scan configurations
Assess token strength
Automated Brute-forcing and Fuzzing
JavaScript Scanning Client-Side & Node.js Client-Side Only Client-Side Only
API Security Testing
Manual Login Sandcat Browser Session Integration
Google Chrome Integration
Mozilla Firefox Integration
Login Sequence Recorder Login Sequence Recorder
Application Inspection ToolsSandcat BrowserProxy-based interceptionProxy-based interception
Data Transformation Tools HuntPad and QuickInject
Reporting Features
Report Exporting Multiple Formats
Scan History
Email Reporting
Evolution Graphing
Remediation Advice
DeliveryOn-Premises ApplicationDesktop ApplicationWeb-Based Application