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ChangeLog: Sandcat5


This upgrade brings more stability on newer OSes.


related crash under Win64 environments making this release possible)


This release address minor issues like a crash when loading a homepage during startup or calling the context-menu from a loaded web page.

5.1 Beta 3

This release uses the latest Chromium binaries. This fixes some instability issues when browsing with the live headers enabled.

5.1 Beta 2

This release is focused on stability and performance, as well as some other improvements such as being able to ignore certificate errors while navigating and open PDF files.

Here is what changed in version 5.1:


We're excited to announce a brand new version of our Sandcat Browser (codenamed Catarinka browser), now available as a free, open source project - because many people asked for it, the entire source for Sandcat is now available on GitHub. Feel free to fork it, examine it, contribute code, send suggestions, report or fix issues.

Here is what changed in version 5.0 beta 1:

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