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ChangeLog: Sandcat4


This is the fastest version of Sandcat ever.


This release adds context menus to the browser tab for links, images, frames and the current page (Screenshot below). The Chromium library has also been upgraded to the latest release, and we've added TorSearch to the search engine options.


This release introduces Syhunt Code Community Edition, an integrated static code analysis tool for scanning web applications for vulnerabilities, as well as the following minor enhancements and bug fixes:


This release introduces QuickInject, an extensive toolkit for manual web application security assessment, and also includes a number of other enhancements:

Live Headers Enhancements

Pen-Tester Tools Pack Enhancements


This release brings mainly minor user interface improvements and a bug fix:


Sandcat 4 adds a large number of enhancements, new features, extensions and bug fixes, and provides a dramatically improved user experience on several fronts.

Note: This release uses considerably less resources in comparison with the beta release. It also added user interface improvements, speed improvements and new features such as the Live Headers display filter and the capture/pause button.

UI Enhancements

Live Headers Enhancements

Console Enhancements

Pen-Tester Tools Pack Enhancements

Extension System Enhancements

Bug Fixes

Additional changes

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