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ChangeLog: Sandcat3

3.0 Beta 2

3.0 Beta 1

After months of hard work, Syhunt is excited to announce the release of the 3.0 version of the Sandcat Browser. With this release, Syhunt's feature-packed, pen-test oriented web browser incorporates new capabilities and extensibility enhancements. This new version introduces a new major feature called Sandcat Console, which decreases the barrier between the pen-tester and the website, allowing the user to easily run custom commands and scripts against a website.

In addition to this major feature, Sandcat Browser 3.0 evolved from a single to a multi-process architecture (each tab is now its own process), a feature inherited from Chromium. The new version also brings in a richer experience, improved Developer Tools, improved Tor support, new extensions (such as the new encoder extensions and an enhanced Page Info tab extension) and other improvements.


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