Updating Syhunt -- Members Only

Syhunt includes a SmartUpdate tool, this tool automates the engine and database updates.

You can also manually download and install the updates at http://www.syhunt.com/?n=Members.

Update Checker

In the newest versions of the Syhunt scanner, the update checking is performed by a Syhunt extension called Update Checker. This extension is enabled by default.

If the Update Checker extension is enabled, you will see notifications about updates in the statusbar of the main Syhunt GUI. Click "Install" and the Syhunt application will download and install the new components.

Note: Syhunt offers regular monthly/weekly updates, and immediate updates, depending on the risk associated with the new vulnerabilities. The free edition doesn't give you access to the latest product updates. You may ignore important security checks that are only available in the latest components and databases.

Page last modified on December 04, 2013, at 12:25 AM