Scanner Checks

The Syhunt suite scans for the vulnerabilities listed in the OWASP's Top Ten Most Critical Web Application Security Vulnerabilities and the PHP Top 5 Vulnerabilities documents. The tool's database includes over 260 web application security checks in over 38 categories of web attacks. We have been adding new attack variants on a regular basis. Remote command execution, XSS (cross-site scripting), SQL injection, PHP configuration and filesystem attacks are some of the most known types of vulnerabilities tested by Syhunt.

A complete list of checks (vulnerability classes) performed by Syhunt is available here.

We've been focusing our attention in databases, projects and standards from some of the organizations listed here.

Checks for Custom Vulnerabilities


An overview document about the Syhunt Compliance features is available at

Top Vulnerabilities

The Syhunt scanner software allows organizations to scan web servers and web applications for the top vulnerabilities, which are often listed and described in the Owasp documents, and also other documents (such as the SANS Top 20).

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